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Q: What is a verification video?

A: In a verification video, escorts will hold SGD in hands to prove that they are using their own photos instead of online photos. Verified escorts will be labelled with an verified tag.

Q: How to book?

A: SMS or call the girls directly. Some girls have WhatsApp option but not all. You do not need to contact agent.

Q: What If I cannot speak a specific lanugage that the girl is speaking?

A: Use Google Translate or choose another girl. This cannot be helped.

Q: The girl is not answering my SMS nor call?

A: It depends on the girl's will of whether to pick up any people. You can either wait for a reply or choose someone else. Sometimes, some girl do not pick up first timer or people with bad records.

Q: How to know whether a girl is verified?

A: Verified girls will have blue verified tag on the top-right hand corner of the cover image. You can also search for the girl's ID in the group or channel to see are there any verification videos.

Q: What If the photos of a girl are different from the real person?

A: Walk away directly. Leave a comment so that other bros do not waste time.

Q: What If the website is down?

A: Google nanrentiantang, or wait for the new announcement for the new website address. Due to IMDA filtering, website is sometimes filtered as some girls use nude photos.

Q: Any girls in your area?

A: Don't be lazy to search, you can search for the location on the website, just enter keywords in the search bar on the platform.

Q: What if FJ and HJ?

A: FJ means the girl are available for sex. HJ means no sex, but massage and hand-job. Some girls also provide BJ-BlowJob

Q: Payment?

A: Incall only cash, and only pay after seeing the real person. Do not get scamed.

Q: Why are some girls labelled with a caution tag?

A: Escorts who are complained too many times by the customers about her photos are fake or services are poor will be labelled with a caution tag. This is for all bros to have a better user-experiences.

Q: Any tall, short, fat, slim girls?

A: Again you have to search on your own as the girls are independent and the admin is not an agent.

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